Manage worker nodes via CLI


Worker nodes can be managed with our web UI as described in manage node deployments.
Alternatively, you can also manage creation, deletion or node upgrades with kubectl.


This tutorial requires a MetaKube cluster and access to it via kubectl.


List all available nodes

To get a list of all nodes execute:

kubectl get nodes -o wide

Every node is managed by a machine resource in the kube-system namespace, which are bundled into machineDeployments (further explanation can be found in cluster management API). To list all machineDeployment resources, execute:

kubectl get machinedeployments --namespace kube-system

Manage sets worker nodes

When you want to change a Machine Deployment you can edit the machineDeployment resource directly:

kubectl edit machineDeployment ${machineDeployment} --namespace kube-system

When a machineDeployment is edited the machine controller will take care of updating the respective machines. Further explanation to the existing fields and update strategies can be found in cluster management API.


If you get the results from the examples above, the test is successful.


No clean-up required.