Download the kubeconfig with a central admin token

Download and set up the kubeconfig


In this tutorial, you will download the kubeconfig and add it to your system environment, so that you can access your project from your local system.
This is a requirement for most of the following tutorials, so there will not be a clean-up after this tutorial.


You have created a MetaKube cluster.


To download the kubeconfig, from clusters view select the correct cluster. On the top right you can find a button Download config:

Download config button in the top right corner

The token in the kubeconfig gives you full admin rights within the Kubernetes cluster.

If you want to invalidate the token, please check Revoke the admin token.

Copy the downloaded kubeconfig to a directory which makes sense in your local setup (e.g. /Users/johndoe/MetaKube/kubeconfig)

Test the kubeconfig by setting KUBECONFIG in your current shell environment:

export KUBECONFIG=<path to your kubeconfig file>

Test the result by running this:

kubectl get nodes -o wide

If you want to permanently set the path to the kubeconfig file, set the KUBECONFIG parameter in your .profile or equivalent.

Revoking a token

You can change the admin token by revoking the existing one on the cluster detail page. Already downloaded kubeconfigs are not valid anymore then and need to be re-downloaded:
Revoke the admin token


There is no clean-up for this tutorial, as you will need this for most of the upcoming tutorials.