Storage Classes

Installed by default

MetaKube installs Storage Classes by default that are backed by cloud storage and work out of the box:

Cloud Provider Storage Class name Provisioner
OpenStack sys11-quobyte-external-provisioner (default) (CSI)
OpenStack sys11-ceph (beta in FES region) (CSI)
AWS sys11-aws (default) (in-tree)

Changing the default StorageClass

If you want to change which StorageClass is the default, just add the annotation:

kubectl annotate storageclass <storageclass name>

MetaKube will automatically remove the annotation from the managed StorageClass.

Access Mode RWX (ReadWriteMany)

MetaKube Core currently does not support RWX volumes.

We are evaluating options that will enable the use of RWX volumes.
Follow our roadmap to receive updates.

Use StorageClass

Kubernetes differentiates three options for spec.storageClassName in a PVC (or indirectly in a StatefulSets' spec.persistentVolumeClaimTemplates):

  1. null or equivalent: not specifying the field at all

    Kube-apiserver will automatically populate the field with the name of the default StorageClass.

    We recommend this option if possible, because it allows switching the default StorageClass without recreating a StatefulSet.

  2. Name of a specific StorageClass

    Kubernetes will use the CSI driver of the StorageClass to provision a PV according to the PVC.

  3. "" (the empty string)

    This option is reserved for "manual" PV provisioning.
    Kubernetes will not dynamically create a PV and the PVC will be left in status Pending until a matching PV is created.