Upgrade a cluster

Upgrade a Cluster


In order get a new release on the control plane components and the worker nodes, they need to be updated via the UI.
Please note that control plane components and worker nodes have different lifecyles.


In order to upgrade a cluster, you need to have an existing MetaKube cluster which does not have the latest release for control plane components or worker nodes.

Upgrade control plane

When an upgrade for the control plane is available, an upwards arrow (↑) will be shown besides the control plane version:
Cluster with available upgrade

To start the upgrade, just click on the arrow and choose the desired version (most recent, tested version is selected):
Dialog to choose upgrade version

After the update is initiated, the control plane components will be upgraded in the background. All newly created worker nodes will be installed with the new version, but existing nodes will not be changed. Refer to the next chapter on how to upgrade your existing worker nodes.

Upgrade worker nodes

When you want to upgrade your worker nodes you can easily edit your node deployment for the active cluster and MetaKube will take care of the updates. To do so, hover over the node deployment and click the edit button or open the node deployment overview and click on the Edit button to change its settings:

Node deployment overview with highlighted edit button
Node deployment overview with highlighted edit button

This will open a popup where you can choose the to be installed Kubernetes version:

Node deployment edit modal

Your worker nodes will now be updated one by one:

Worker node update in progress

Downgrade a cluster

You can also downgrade a cluster to any older patch version of the same minor version, by clicking on the version number of the cluster on the cluster detail page.


Check the current version either in the UI or via console command.

$ kubectl get nodes
NAME                        STATUS   ROLES    AGE   VERSION
tutorial-5bd864df7c-hvbkl   Ready    <none>   63m   v1.23.8
tutorial-5bd864df7c-hztvf   Ready    <none>   63m   v1.23.8
tutorial-5bd864df7c-x586s   Ready    <none>   63m   v1.23.8


There is no clean-up for this tutorial, because you will need this for all further tutorials.