This is a basic roadmap for orientation and guidance towards the future of MetaKube.
We do not provide specific time and date with this roadmap! The topics are sorted by importance in descending order for the next months.

  • Role based access control - We are working on upgrading the RBAC model of MetaKube. The first version will give greater control about clusters and projects to our users.
  • Integrating HashiCorp Vault - Data protection is important. MetaKube wants to deliver Vault by HashiCorp with every cluster as a standard tool for managing your secrets.
  • Logging - Being able to log all relevant cluster data and application logs. Our goal is to implement a solution for every cluster created and granting an opt out for those that do not need it.
  • Service mesh - Since the release of istio some of the features creating a demand in our customer base. We are looking into this as well.
  • Multi-region kubernetes - Deploying one cluster on different regions is another highly sought after feature for Kubernetes and it does not come for free. Our team is looking into an easy to use approach without additional engineering from our customers.
  • Single Sign On - We are working on integrating a single sign on service for all customers. This would greatly improve the user experience. When signing on to multiple web services. This would include the MetaKube dashboard a managed docker registry and monitoring services.
  • Managed Docker registry - We will add a managed Docker registry as a service. The Docker registry will include image vulnerability scanning. You will also have the option to replicate images from other Docker registries to ensure you always have up to date base images.

If you would like to discuss additional features or request information please mail us: