SysEleven Container Registry

This project is still in beta. Please contact us if you want to get early access. Feel free to give us feedback if you experience any kind of issue.

SysEleven Container Registry (SCR) is the managed registry for container images and Helm charts from SysEleven.

SCR is based on the Cloud Native Computing Foundation incubated, open source project Harbor

Architectural Overview

The following document explains the architechture of Harbor in detail.

Harbor Architecture Overview

User Guide

SysEleven Container Registry follows the same user workflow as Harbor, following upstream tutorials can help SCR users
perform common tasks such as creating and managing new projects, adding repositories to projects, managing images labels etc.

The following sections point to frequently used user workflows from the above user guide.

Working with projects

This section describes how users with the developer, master, and project administrator roles manage and participate in SCR projects.

Working with images and tags

This section describes how to work with images and tags in the SysEleven Container Registry.

Working with Helm charts

Helm is a package manager for kubernetes applications. SysEleven Container Registry comes with built in support for helm repositories.
The following tutorial will guide you on how to store and manage your helm charts with SCR.

Working with Robot Accounts

SCR allows users to create robot accounts in each project, to use for automated operation. To create and use robot accounts follow this tutorial.

Working with Webhooks

SCR project administrators can configure webhook endpoints inside a project, which can be triggered based on certain events. This tutorial will guide you on how
to use webhooks with SCR.