The source code and default configuration of the Building Block is available in our GitLab.

This building block will deploy a three node Elasticsearch cluster using the OSS variant.
These three nodes are eligible to act as master and serve as data and ingest node.

Adding the Building Block

Add the directory syseleven-elasticsearch to your control repository. Add a .gitlab-ci.yml to the directory with the following content:

  - project: syseleven/building-blocks/helmfiles/elasticsearch
    file: JobDevelopment.yaml
    ref: 2.9.3
  - project: syseleven/building-blocks/helmfiles/elasticsearch
    file: JobStaging.yaml
    ref: 2.9.3
  - project: syseleven/building-blocks/helmfiles/elasticsearch
    file: JobProduction.yaml
    ref: 2.9.3

Remove environments you are not using by removing their include.

Required configuration

No confguration is required.


Select Elasticsearch version

To select a different Elasticsearch version the following parameters have to be adjusted to the corresponding major version and to the specific release.

esMajorVersion: "6"
imageTag: '6.8.14'

Note: The building block only supports Elasticsearch OSS up to latest 7.10 release.

Elasticsearch heapsize/pod limits config option

For a production-grade setup, it is highly recommended to define a JVM heapsize for Elasticsearch which is half of the configured memory limit of the pod.

esJavaOpts: "-Xmx2g -Xms2g"

    memory: "4Gi"
    memory: "4Gi"