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This section contain a Building Block, Velero, to provide a curated backup utility.

Backup and recovery

A backup and recovery tools provided for necessary building blocks will be described in this chapter.
For certain Building Blocks you will not necessarily need e.g. Velero. The PXC operator for instance comes with its own backup tool.

If you also would like to back off your customized MKA Environment, as you highly customized all of your building blocks, you
can use Velero to backup e.g. configmaps, secrets etc like any other objects in your Metakube Cluster.


You can use Velero to backup your Kubernetes Cluster resources. You can use it for data migration purposes, disaster recovery and even data protection.
Velero works with S3. Syseleven provides a S3 Storage for you. No furher action needs to be taken from your end.

You need to make sure that you have your S3 setup in place. See further information in the Requirements for Velero