Getting started

Where are you now within your SysEleven Journey ?

SysEleven's foundation is SysEleven OpenStack Cloud, MetaKube, MetaKube Accelerator and MetaKube Operator.
You are currently moving in the MetaKube Accelerator documentation and have succeeded or are in the process of provisioning your MetaKube.
This is as simple as everything at SysEleven. To get more information about MetaKube, please visit the support page


If your motivation is to build a foundation for your cloud-native applications, you can use MetaKube Accelerator to set up your application ecosystem right away.

On top of MetaKube you can use MetaKube Accelerator to deploy all the services you need to run your cloud-native Application in Kubernetes and keep them up-to-date.

lock No Vendor lock. You can rely on services and applications which you might already know e.g prometheus, open-vpn to name only a few
earth Run it wherever you want. You can utilize our SysEleven Stack and our Metakube to set up the necessary environment. More details can be found here
gear Presets integration e.g. to monitoring. You can start right out of the box. We provide a smart command line interface mkactl which puts you into the position to kick off your first application journey on a cloud native environment. You still have the flexibility to customize as you like
clock Preconfigured schedules and cronjobs! The available building blocks are - as we call it - "curated" . In contrast to the well known MetaKube addOns, the curated building blocks have more flexibility as you can start right away and configure them to meet the requirements for your use cases.

The list of Building Blocks is being constantly extended. You still have the freedom to extend your landscape with further 3rd party
tools which you can easily deploy on your MetaKube / Kubernetes cluster.

The upcoming documentation will cover all readers interests from within all levels of experience
MetaKube Accelerator provides an integrated environment for very fast project realization.
Using a CI/CD production road, application developers build complete setups from
curated building blocks. You only have to add your application and may add minor configurations,

but Metakube Accelerator Building Blocks work out of the box.


Building Blocks typically include:

  • Provided updates and significant security patches.
  • Building Blocks offer metrics via a Rest Endpoint. Those metrics are passed to prometheus.

Keep in mind!
MetaKube Accelerator isn't compatible with MetaKube Add-Ons. Please don't mix them!