As Chief Technical Officer (CTO) or owner of an agency, you are responsible for ensuring that your company's technical
infrastructure and equipment works properly.
In most cases, you're also heavily involved in the technical side of product development and are responsible for the economics of development.
You have individual projects with many customers. Your goal is to put your projects on a consistent basis.
This basis should unburden you, so that you have more freedom for new projects.

High Availability

MetaKube Core provides you with a managed Kubernetes, the most widely used platform to automate operations.
Properly used, many incidents can be resolved in an automated manner.
In addition, SysEleven operates a 24/7 incident management for MetaKube Core.
Problems with the platform are quickly identified and resolved.
With Metakube Core, our Metakube Accelerator will enable your organisation to rely on well tested and reliable tools.

Economical operation

MetaKube offers you a high level of cost-effectiveness, as there are no costs for operating the Kubernetes master components.
You only pay a small fee for your Kubernetes clusters.
This only applies if the clusters actually exist.
So there are no costs if you are not running any clusters.
This also leads to a very small TCO because you have no acquisition costs.
Your developers use MetaKube Accelerator to implement projects quickly and easily.

Best foundation

Our MetaKube offerings form an excellent basis for the development of your services based on them. Your partners and customers will appreciate that you are using cutting-edge technology. This also ensures the future viability of your products, because who wants to develop on the basis of a technology that has already passed its zenith? Our building block principle and our application catalog help you to implement projects quickly and reliably.

Speed and Simplicity

To meet a future awareness you should consider between fully managed or on a model where your organisation have still the control of essential technical components.
Either you reside on one cloud provider or many, the Multicloud Connector is your best choice.


Savings on costs, time consuming tool choice and contract negotiations. Metakube Accelerator keeps it simple and transparent for your organisation. Prooven Lifecylcle Management saves more resources to focus on being future proof of your products and services.