The source code and default configuration of the Building Block is available in our code.sysEleven.de. Infos on release notes and new features Release notes tideways-daemon


Tideways-Daemon is an application monitor for your PHP based web applications

Prerequisites on Tideway-Daemon

You need to provide a storage provider for this Building Block. Proceed with the following prerequisite description to use the Velero Building Block out of the box.

A recommended resource overview is listed in the table below.

CPU/vCPU Memory
0.1 128MiB

No further activities need to be carried out in advance.

Adding the Building Block

Add the directory syseleven-tideways-daemon to your control repository. Add a .gitlab-ci.yml to the directory with the following content:

  - project: syseleven/building-blocks/helmfiles/tideways-daemon
    file: JobDevelopment.yaml
    ref: 1.26.0
  - project: syseleven/building-blocks/helmfiles/tideways-daemon
    file: JobStaging.yaml
    ref: 1.26.0
  - project: syseleven/building-blocks/helmfiles/tideways-daemon
    file: JobProduction.yaml
    ref: 1.26.0

Remove environments you are not using by removing their include. !

Required configuration

No configuration is required for the deployment of the daemon. You will need to configure your PHP application appropriately :

In your PHP application container, set the following in 40-tideways.ini:



Additional alertrules

  • None

Additional Grafana dashboards

  • None

Scale Setup

You can scale this with the usuae K8S scaling techniques like affinity ruls etc.


Please find more infos on release notes and new features Release notes Tideways-daemon