You are responsible for the development and operation of architectures, software and/or services.
But you know this. If things don't run smoothly in operations, you can't meet your deadlines.
This balancing act between development and operation is exhausting.
In addition, there are the frequent updates of open source software, which also have to be installed promptly.
You work in an agile way and have to deliver something after each iteration because other departments are waiting for it.
With MetaKube, we take away the annoying part of your work. You can focus on finding new solutions and delighting customers or colleagues with them.


SysEleven takes care of the complete Kubernetes deployment for you with MetaKube Core.
Your job starts with the simple creation of Kubernetes clusters via our comfortable Web-GUI.
Of course, you can also use our API. We maintain the master components of Kubernetes and provide you 24/7 with the interfaces to use Kubernetes.


We also gladly take over the operation of your development and the required services, even in parts.
You only operate what interests you.
This way you create the necessary free space for new projects.


Categorize Dev Tools and ops Tools. (e.g. cache is more dev related and prometheus more Ops related.)

best practices

Sample scenarios from existing customer success stories.

If you are concerned about your Delivery process, customers stick to the same deploy stages principal as described in chapter BuildingBlocks
A solid test within your pipeline should be mandatory. See what we use to achieve a good resilient test process within our pipeline TestCases

Pinning images: Why we think this is important.

  • if your pipeline utilizes docker container to build/test/deploy your application