You work in a leading position in your company and are responsible for many, if not all, IT projects in your company.
You have to further develop your IT infrastructure and define the strategy for it.
But also the operation and support is up to you. These are big tasks and often the conditions for using new technology are anything but favorable.

Your employees are overworked and often already overworked, because operation is time-consuming and prone to failure.
And yet they would need to be trained to keep up with technological developments.
You have to make investment requests, secure sales, discuss with departments about their requirements, and much more.
A job that should not be underestimated.That's why you're looking for partners to support you.

MetaKube offers you high flexibility in using Kubernetes with its three coordinated layers - Core, Accelerator and Operator.
You can immediately use the latest technology with MetaKube.
You alone decide how much you want to do yourself or how much you want to hand over.
Our Pre-Sales supports you in the feasibility study and our Solution Architects help you with the development of the solution and in workshops we impart the required knowledge to your organization and your partners.

With MetaKube Operator, SysEleven takes over the 24/7 operation of parts or the entire setup according to good practices based on ITIL, because we know that this requires experience.
This is rarely available in agencies for projects on Kubernetes.
SysEleven has been running its own services in its own cloud and based on Kubernetes for years.
So you can quickly use new technology and build up knowledge and experience at your own pace to take over operations yourself in the long run - if you want to.

All services run in our 27001 certified data centers in Germany.

new Processes

Although you are familiar with the Dev/Ops paradigm or trying to adopt it, you should keep the following topics in mind.

  • Patchmanagement : With Metakupe Accelerator you can rely on SysEleven to manage Patches of each Building Blocks. Regardless you rely
    on Dev/Ops or a clear seperation of Operation and Development it is crucial for the resiliency of your IT shop.
  • GitOps Platform & GitLab as a Service : Deliver on time, meet Time to market and react on market movements, a well setup managed GitOps Platform safes costs and
    and risks. Your team can focus on delivery and operation of your dedicated services.
  • Application Building Blocks : The Building Block catalogue provides the most essential components you need to provide to your Developmen and / or Operations teams.
    You get rid of license, support, update, patchmangement and single contract negotiations.

You are not fully, managed but you Departement is relieved from the most cost effective non functional tasks.


Focus on the business service itself. If you are feeling comfortable with a half managed cloud service, Metakube Accelerator is the best choice. Critical tasks are taken over by us but fully transparent for you.