Building Blocks

The building blocks in this category are what makes MetaKube Accelerator. By combining the blocks you need, you can set up your cluster exactly the way you need - incorporate just the services you need with the exact configuration you need.

Each building block is pre-configured with SysEleven best practices and recommendations to ensure the best reliability of the service within.

This Section will walk you through each Building Block step by step. When you feel safe, you can then even start on using your own Pipeline Logic or build your own Building Blocks. For more information on how to achieve your very own Accelerator Logic, have a look at our Background Section.

Status: Beta

Building Block Pipeline Overview

An abstract overview of how a Building Block is working is given below:

  • The root gitlab pipeline triggers each the dedicated building block pipeline. Your input is the Kubeconfig, which works as the glue between MetaKube Accelerator and your MetaKube cluster.
  • The dedicated building block pipeline runs the environment specific job on a gitlab-runner.
  • This job will run in two phases, diff and deploy
  • At the diff stage, integration testing is taking place.
  • At deploy stage, it will attempt to deploy in your cluster two helm charts: the Building Block app itself and our extension chart, which includes best practices for the operation of the Building Block.
  • Keep in mind that you need to configure the Building Blocks based on your demands through the values-*.yaml files, as described in the documentation of our Building Blocks.

Building Blocks Pipeline


There are MVP versions of Building Blocks for commonly used supporting IT services for projects based on Kubernetes.
There is no guarantee for updates of these Building Blocks.
We recommend using the beta version for testing purposes and not for production systems.
Bugs in the product are fixed on a best-effort basis at daytime working hours.
Support is handled through the helpdesk. There are no defined response times. The documentation is not yet complete and may contain errors.