Create a cluster


Place to live

To create a new cluster, select a MetaKube Project from login page and click the button entry Add Cluster. Clusters are tied to a project. You can create as many clusters within one project as you want.
Start by choosing a name:

Overview of cluster creation
Overview of cluster creation with filled out name

the provider:

Menu to chose cloud provider

and the region where the cluster shall live:

Menu to choose datacenter

Create the cluster

In the next step of the installer, enter the domain name and your SysEleven Stack credentials into the Provide credentials tab:

Overview of cluster settings

Then choose the tenant where you want to create the cluster from the drop-down list:

Overview of cluster settings with highlighted tenant section

For node settings we recommend at least 3 nodes sized m1.small or bigger. For an overview of the possible node flavors see the SysEleven Stack documentation. It is also possible to choose the operating system and image used for your worker nodes:

Overview of cluster settings with highlighted node section

A default image tested and maintained by SysEleven is automatically chosen for the nodes, but you can also enter any image available to you in SysEleven Stack. To get a list of current base images, navigate to Project -> Compute -> Images in the SysEleven Stack dashboard:

Overview of openstack images

Make sure to enter the exact name of the image you want to run on your machines, as listed in the images tab of the SysEleven stack dashboard. See also supported operating systems.
The chosen SSH key will be used for authentication for the default user (e.g. ubuntu for Ubuntu images) on all worker nodes.

In the next step, you get to choose which Metakube Add-Ons should be installed into your cluster from the start. You can also install or uninstall Add-Ons at any time while the cluster is already running. See the chapter on Add-Ons for more details.

Overview of cluster settings for Add-Ons

When you click on next, you will see a summary and the cluster creation will start after you confirm. You will then be forwarded to the cluster creation page where you can view the cluster creation process:

Cluster summary before creation
Cluster details in creation state

After all of the master components are ready, your cluster will create the configured number of worker nodes in your SysEleven Stack tenant. Fully created nodes will be marked with a green dot, pending ones with a yellow circle. You may download the kubeconfig now to be able to use kubectl with your cluster or just use the provided Web Terminal. After all nodes are created you can use kubectl to view and check the status of the created nodes:

$ kubectl get nodes
NAME                          STATUS    ROLES     AGE       VERSION
metakube-w9tk8cmw62-22wgv     Ready     <none>    1m        v1.9.6
metakube-w9tk8cmw62-58pd6     Ready     <none>    1m        v1.9.6
metakube-w9tk8cmw62-hm5vl     Ready     <none>    1m        v1.9.6