Add an SSH key


MetaKube needs your SSH public key to create Kubernetes clusters, so that you also can ssh into the created VMs if needed. SSH keys are tied to a project.To add an SSH key, navigate to SSH Keys in the dashboard and click on Add SSH Key:

Add SSH key in the top right corner

This will create a pop up. Enter a unique name and paste the complete content of the SSH key into the respective field:

Dialog to add an SSH key

New clusters

During cluster creation you can choose which SSH keys should be added to nodes.

Existing clusters

It is also possible to change the SSH keys of an existing cluster. On the cluster details page open the menu at the top right corner and select Manage SSH Keys:

Change keys of an existing cluster

In the popup you can add and remove keys. The changes are then applied to all existing and future nodes of the cluster.

Change keys of an existing cluster