MetaKube API

The MetaKube API is not stable.

MetaKube provides a REST API that can be used to automate the management of MetaKube clusters.

API Documentation

You can find the full API documentation in the MetaKube Dashboard under API Docs. Note that the executable examples in the API docs use your personal API access token. For integrations into other tools you should use a token from an API Account.

We also provider a Swagger OpenAPI specification at


All resources of the REST API are located under


In order to authenticate with the REST API programmatically, you can use MetaKube API Accounts. API Accounts live on the project level and can either have full admin permissions (Editor) or read only permissions (Viewer).

API Accounts can't be used to CRUD Projects, it can only manage resources inside projects. In future we plan to change this and allow full management capabilities to API Accounts.

To create an API Account, go to API Accounts section:

Create API Account

And then create a Token for this API Account:

Create Token

This Token can then be used as a Bearer token in the Authentication header of the API request.


To get a list of clusters in the project where the API Account was created in, call:

curl '<PROJECT_ID>/clusters' -H 'authorization: Bearer <YOUR_TOKEN>' -H 'accept: application/json'