Single LAMP Server


  • Launch an instance via GUI (Horizon)
  • Automated installation of a web server running PHP, as well as a database server and a database.


  • You need to have the login data for the SysEleven Stack API (user name and passphrase).
  • Knowledge how to utilise a terminal/SSH and SSH-keys.

Launch Stack

SysEleven Login

  • In order to launch the example stack using the dashboard go to "Project" --> "Orchestration" --> "Stacks".
  • Click the button "Launch Stack"
  • Select "URL" as "Template Source"
  • Copy the URL of the example code file
  • Paste the copied URL into the field "Template URL"
  • Select "File" as "Environment Source"


  • Click "Next"
  • Write "lampserver" into the field "Stack Name"
  • Write the name of your SSH key that you uploaded to the Horizon Dashboard - see SSH Tutorial
  • Click on "Launch"


  • Verify that the stack status is "Create In Progress" or "Create Complete"
  • Go to "Compute" --> "Instances" in order to retrieve the floating IP that is required to access the instance via SSH
  • Copy the floating IP from the example server
  • Open a terminal of your choice and log in to the instance via ssh with the username syseleven

ssh syseleven@<floating IP> -i ~/.ssh/< private ssh key >


  • You should now be logged in your instance via SSH

  • You can follow the installation progress:
    In the background, the web server, database server and a up-to-date PHP version is being installed.
    We can check the progress with the following command: tail -f /var/log/cloud-init-output.log

  • Furthermore you may test the webserver:
    This template deploys a simple PHP application.
    You can now place any PHP application to /var/www/html and test it.