SysEleven Stack

SysEleven Stack is an OpenStack public cloud service from SysEleven GmbH - a Berlin based company.

First steps

First steps show, how you can start a compute instance via the dashboard of the SysEleven Stack. Further examples show, how you can use the API of the SysEleven Stack to manage complex setups.


Our documentation is structured in four distinct sections:

Section Description
Tutorials Learning-oriented step-by-step guides, to get started with SysEleven Stack.
How-to guides Goal-oriented step-by-step guides, for solving specific problems.
Reference articles Detailed description of all the services we are offering in the context of SysEleven Stack.
Background articles Explanations and Background information regarding our services.


On top of the documentation, SysEleven provides a library of heat templates as well as a library of Terraform examples that will help you with the creation of a complex setup.


As provider of the SysEleven Stack we provide you with extensive product support.
Additional support and consulting are also available depending on your support plan but may be subject to extra charge.
For further information please check our support page.

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Our documentation is on GitHub and we are happy for any contributions via pull requests.