How to use custom images for your worker nodes

To use a custom image for your MetaKube clusters, you need to upload an image of a supported operating system to SysEleven Stack and choose it in the worker node creation afterwards.

Upload to SysEleven Stack

Log into the SysEleven Stack dashboard and navigate to Project -> Compute -> Images. In the top right corner you can find the Create Image button to upload a new image:

Overview of the images tab

When you click on this button, the image creation dialog will open. Enter a name, choose the image file and format and click on Create Image:

Image creation tab with filled out information

When the upload is finished, the image will be visible in your images Tab.

Upload to SysEleven Stack via CLI

Alternatively to the upload via GUI, you can upload a new image to the SysEleven Stack via CLI. You need to have the python-openstackclient installed, which includes the CLI tool glance. You can simply upload it to the cloud with the following command:

glance image-create \
  --name <imageName> \
  --container-format bare \
  --disk-format qcow2 \
  --file <path/to/image>

Choose in cluster creation

In the cluster creation process you will be asked which image and operating system you want to use. Choose the correct OS and enter the name you chose for your image before. The cluster will then be created with your custom image:

Cluster creation tab with custom image chosen