Create a Load Balancer

Table of Contents

The Kubernetes Manifest

Kubernetes defines Service a resource type "LoadBalancer" that you can use to create a managed load balancer in SysEleven Stack for every service. To create a Kubernetes managed load balancer, use a manifest like the following:

kind: Service
apiVersion: v1
    - protocol: TCP
      port: 80
      name: http
    - protocol: TCP
      port: 443
      name: https
  type: LoadBalancer

Be sure to match the label and value of the selector to your application and preferably choose a speaking name for the Load Balancer. The created Load Balancer might look like this:

$ kubectl get svc
NAME           TYPE           CLUSTER-IP     EXTERNAL-IP      PORT(S)                      AGE
loadbalancer   LoadBalancer   80:31228/TCP,443:30279/TCP   11s

This load balancer now exposes port 80 to the outside world and maps it to port 31228 on all cluster nodes, and it exposes port 443 to the outside world and maps it to ports 30279 on all cluster nodes. This means that a loadbalancer service is also a NodePort service (i.e. a service that exposes pods on specific "NodePorts" on all nodes).