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Metakube Accelerator offers the following basic services:

  1. Git-repository Management - powered by GitLab
  2. CI/CD infrastructure - powered by GitLab Runner
  3. curated Catalogue of Building Blocks


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Building Blocks

SysEleven maintains a catalog of building blocks. This catalog is constantly expanded and maintained. New major versions of open source software are integrated and offer developers the possibility to use current software versions and latest features without much effort.

Existing modules are maintained and bugs are fixed. Extensive test procedures ensure a high quality of the building blocks and a functioning integration.

Thus, our modules relieve the development teams of a large part of their work.

In addition, each module comes with a promise of reliability and safety for production operation. Comprehensive documentation ensures that their developers can use the full potential at any time and significantly increase their development speed.

With MetaKube Accelerator, development teams get

  • Collaboration Tools
  • Release automation
  • Operational support
  • Compliance & Security

Building Blocks

Our Catalogue of Building Blocks is growing continuously. Check our Section for Building Blocks or subscribe for the SysEleven newsletter!