Redis is a distributed in-memory key-value database that also provides a cache and a message broker implementation.

You can find more information about Redis here:


For information on how to install and uninstall an Add-On see MetaKube Add-Ons.


The following customization options are possible for Vault:

Option Description Default value
High availability Provides a redis cluster with more than one instance false
CPU Requests How many milli CPUs should be reserved 100m
Memory Requests How much memory should be reserved 128Mi
CPU Limits What is the maximum of used milli CPUs 200m
Memory Limits What is the maximum of used memory by the pod 512Mi
Disk Size What is the size of the Persistent Volume provided to Redis 10Gi
Redis Max Memory What is the maximum amount of Memory allocated by Redis 512Mi

It is recommended to set Memory Limits and Disk Size to an amount 20% higher
than your intended Redis Memory Size.

If High Availability is set to true, a cluster with 3 Redis instances is provided.

Add-on specification

If redis has high-availability set to true, communication with the database is provided via ha-proxy,
it enhances communication speed from outside the redis cluster. A redis sentinel is also provided for high-availability purposes.

The redis service is provided only within the cluster by default with the service name syseleven-redis-redis-ha.syseleven-redis
if High Availability is off; and syseleven-redis-redis-ha-haproxy.syseleven-redis if High Availability is on.