Ingress Controller


With the NGINX Kubernetes Ingress controller, you get basic load balancing and SSL/TLS termination for all Kubernetes Ingress resources.

You can find more information on ingresses and the nginx ingress controller and all of it's configuration options at:


For information on how to install and uninstall an Add-On see MetaKube Add-Ons.


The following customization options are possible:

Option Description Default value
CPU Requests How many milli CPUs should be reserved 100m
Memory Requests How much memory should be reserved 128Mi
CPU Limits What is the maximum of used milli CPUs 200m
Memory Limits What is the maximum of used memory 512Mi
Replicas How many replicas should be running 2
Use Auto Scaling Should a HorizontalPodAutoscaler be created false
Min Replicas The minimum amount of replicas in the AutoScaler 2
Max Replicas The maximum amount of replicas in the AutoScaler 4
Default TLS certificate Path to a secret in the form namespace/secret-name that contains a tls certificate that should be used if an Ingress does not define one